• We ensure that the figure files follow the specific journal guidelines and instructions.
  • You receive high-quality figure files formatted by professional graphic designers.
  • We have experience working with different figure formats to correct the size, dimension, resolution, font, color, etc. of the artwork.

Scope of Service

$15 per image
Turnaround Time: 2 images in 1 business day

How It Works?

Upload your Image file

Send us your final editable figure files and other relevant information such as target journal name/URL.

Design and Review

Our designers will format your artwork to meet the journal’s technical requirements, while an expert reviewer checks the figures for consistency and accuracy.

Final Review and Delivery

You check the delivered files and resend them to us for revisions (as many times as required, within 60 days).

Frequently asked questions

The experts working on figures are professional graphic designers who are familiar and experienced with working on software such as Photoshop, Coral Draw, Illustrator, etc.
Under this service, we will only format the already created figures/graphs in your manuscript to meet your target journal guidelines. Unfortunately, creating figures/graphs is outside the scope of this service.
Each journal has its specific requirements and guidelines of figures that are to be submitted. Under this service, our experts will ensure that your figures meet the journal guidelines by adjusting the artwork resolution, changing the file format, resizing the image, changing the fonts, etc. Our experts use tools such as Adobe Illustrator to make these changes.
If you require any additional changes to the delivered files, you can resend them to us for revisions as many times as required, within 60 days. Further, we can reformat your figures to meet the guidelines of a new journal.